I stand with GOD!!!

Today America is torn apart, such a miserable election is was yesterday. America is split in half, those for Clinton are heartbroken and those for Trump are gloating, it is sad. The country I live in is so caught up with these two people. I have to say the way i have stood my whole life has always been on the same side, I stand with Jesus Christ. Some one will read this and say to themselves ” Welp she voted for Trump” NO, I stand with… This country was founded on religious principals, you can take God out of schools but you can’t take him from people’s hearts. Both candidates in this election were awful. I believe in standing with Jesus not any crazy clown who can or can’t run this country. I am not a racist or a sexist, I am a woman who doesn’t hate colored people or gays. I believe in a world where God loves everyone who believes in him and those who believe in him and ask for forgiveness of sin are those who be rewarded with everlasting life. Don’t judge others, trust me I get judged everyday in my own home, I live with those who don’t believe in God or church and its something I have to face and confront everyday of my life. Pray for the USA because truly the state of our country isn’t in Trumps hands it is in Gods!!!!


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