Living inside the lines

There’s right and there’s wrong.   I can honestly say that I think I’ve got it right. Everyone lives for the moment and for their own happiness. They have their life where they want it. Living in the moment sounds nice until you realize how people like me live. At an early age I was exposed to the principle that people will always let you down if you rely solely on others. The ever so popular fend for yourself. Here’s the thing life as adult is different. People say stop living for the past or just drop it. This is me… the past drives me to who I wanna be. It reminds me of who I had to be to get here and it shows me who I never wanna become. So I live to serve. Others. God. People. Children.  But I don’t live for me, you see I’m temporary. We are all temporary but when you live for yourself you only yes what you want. When you live for others you see it from all perspectives. Its beautiful. You can live inside the lines for yourself or you can live outside the lines for others. * just don’t tell my students this then they will think coloring outside the lines is what we’re supposed to do in life. They are age 5. 


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