Time to really let you go.

Once upon a time we spent birthdays together , yeah when we were an “us”. Today you turn 26, I don’t know what you look like or if you had a good birthday and for as many times ass I have said I was over you and what they did I haven’t been but this day was different. Yes I wondered ass bout you but I also felt a since of freedom from my thoughts.  I’ve decided to really let you go this time. I have decided to forgive your parents for how awful they made me feel and seem. I forgive them for pushing me away. Most of all I forgive myself for letting you go and holding on. Truth is I never thought I’d let you go. I know you will always hold a spot in my heart because you taught me how to love someone with my whole heart, to stand by someone no matter what, you taught me to detected the smallest problems, you taught me how to manage a house and finances, you taught me how to be a better cook and how to never let a man defrost chicken, most of all you taught me who I am and how important of a role that I play in GOD’S PLAN. I found the love of Jesus and God when running from my love for you. So thank you. This this is goodbye. My present to you is me letting go. Seems like more of a present for me.  I’m letting go and I feel good about it.  Now I’m going to live♡ 

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