Hold on to me.

  1. Why do we think so much?  When do we let ourselves relax of out own thoughts?  What is the reason I over think things??? Well I have always been the person to think about the possible outcomes of things. I have reached a point in which what I feel and what I know both feel wrong.  I feel like I need to set myself free and I felt like that for some time when you look at a person and you know that they love you and you try desperately to love them back but you just can’t do it anymore it’s hard to fix. Then the only person that you always turn to you to hold onto when you feel unsteady is making you Want something that you had before but you let go. when  I think as I love you I don’t think of the person that I’m supposed to think of I think of the person who has held one hand and let me through the darkest time. To see me at my worst and at my best and to still hold my hand and tell me that everything’s going to be okay when it’s over something as crazy as someone lying to you about what they eat for breakfast. when you compare everything he does that other person why are you even considering yourself happy.  maybe I’m a fool For wanting a break the but I think you know that you’re not him and I think it hurts you and it’s always hurt you but you’ve never said anything directly because you know that he ranks above you. The X Ambassadors have a song hold hold on to me and I fell in love with the song I listen to it at least once a day and I thought I just screamed how I feel. but really it’s how I feel about Him.

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