Life is a mental illness

She grew up to the sounds of unhappiness , screaming and yelling and always coming second, then she discovered that two people loved her more than anyone else. Years later she watched one of them die in the front yard and watched the other give herself to alcoholism, so she had pretty much lost them both she went on being the lost child, at least thats how she saw the world. She began to care for herself , tried harder work for many awards and helped others so that they never felt alone. her people never noticed… Her favorite moments in life led her to find herself helping a coworker come out of his shell. She fell in love with him along the way  and he loved her too,  but after she had planned out her whole future with him , she lost him too , she lost him to mental illness. she struggled relied on a close friend who she loved dearly then her trust in him was shattered when he ended up on the local news.  In the summer, someone came out of no where  he was mysterious and tall dark and handsome he became a part of her life , her best friend.  she met a guy in the fall who she wanted to love he was caring and funny, but he wanted to tell lies and make her crazy , she finds herself wondering if she will ever be happy again.

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