Through my looking glass

My speech class brings life to me it lets me Express what I want to talk about we had to write four speeches this semester. It has allowed me to see myself. On here I write my inner thoughts based experiences stuff that I want to see or stuff that I think butt in that class I get to restructure things the things I care about on Monday was my last speech I didn’t want something very near and dear to my heart which is Deaf culture growing up with a deaf brother who then married someone who is also death I’ve been exposed to a lot of difficulty in my life but for the first time in a while I caught a glimpse of myself of my writing of my passion. Every other speech I’ve gotten up there and I’ve been shaky and nervous and not able to fully admit myself into my speech. Monday was different I stood up to that podium fist clenched on the podium I had every point some that were supposed to be comical and those that were supposed to be serious and heartwarming and I could feel the thoughts and the room radiating off of people but that was me it’s what I was doing that’s what makes them was thinking it was amazing it made me think about Through the Looking-Glass they just announced on their land my whole life is like Alice in Wonderland

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