Nature symbol

I asked a question in one of my classes. In english sonnets like Shakespeare’s nature was often looked at to compare to ones self. I asked if you were to describe yourself as a piece of nature what would you be? And why?   I asked the question, and had to think what I’d compare myself to.

What I came up with. I picked a tree. Grew from the ground up. Through many harsh conditons and seeing the seasons and area change over time.  Grew strongernand wiser with edge. People look up at me and use me for important things like food or wood. So I took care of them.  And a tree has so many jobs that it tends to for animals and providing oxygen. It stays busy. So me I am a beautiful tree. Who sometimes feels bare to the cold or fills colorful and beautiful when some kind of feeling “falls” upon me.

Share your thoughts on what you’d be? And why?

Love, The Mad Hatter Lex

One comment

  1. Clara · March 4, 2016

    A tree is an amazing comparison to one’s self, can be a metaphor for so much just like you described


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