So I had a mind blowing moment today. January 2015 was supposed to be the start of the best year of my life I was supposed to marry the love of my life and I was finally in charge of something I worked so hard to get to and I was getting to teach leadership at a national conference. Well if you follow my blog you know 2015 hasn’t been easy. My fiance and I split up, I suffered major depression and aniexty for months, I was falling for all the wrong people, and I’ve made a lot of enemies. Well then this summer I went  back to school, found out I can graduate on time, gotten closer to my best friends, got back in touch with my faith, got back in touch with my family, and I met someone.  My life was suppose to go this way and I’m actually looking forward to what 2016  has to offer, for now I’m loving the rest of 2015 !!!!!!!

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