Judgeing a book by Its cover

Most people don’t find my life exciting. But here’s the thing everybody has a story some stories are boring like the pages in the book that you just want to skip to get to the good parts. Some chapters in your life just like in a book are boring there is a passing places to get to where you’re going. I never expected a couple of months ago to like my life again. I fell apart I lost my faith and I begin a journey all alone. With the help of good friends in the help of God I started to find my way. I thought that losing my first love was the worst thing in the world. My life is just beginning. I hate to always be talking about love cuz I feel like it makes my blog weird boring or stupid. I just figured I’d tell you that there’s one man who has made me forget all of the sadness and all of the hard times and him I have to thank because he has showed me the my first love wasn’t love at all it was a passing place to get where I’m going. I’m not sure where this road is going to leave me. I’m not really sure I want to know I just want to take it. And I want them to be by my side. You can’t judge a book by its cover comes into play here. Someone who has lived there more than you have and has made mistakes of their own that gets judged everyday and still the only thing they want is to see you smile in your face when there with you. I’m not going to judge a book by its cover because the book that I picked up I never would have expected with him on the inside. Take it from me whether you’re 20 or 92 you have to look at a person with your heart not your mind or your eyes not everybody is perfect not everybody stays young forever. so here’s a secret for you I’m falling in love again I think. My mind tells me it’s too soon my heart tells me it was him all along. I don’t ever get feedback from any of the people who read my blog so I’m just going to pretend that everybody loves love and that just nobody knows how to type of comments. If you ever loved someone that you couldn’t have right away fill me in I’d love to hear it. Sincerely the Mad Hatter

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