Love unexpected.

Well readers. This has been one hell of a week.  I have been super busy my college semester is getting ready to start I will graduate with a asso. Degree in 7 short months.  And I have taken on some volunteer work that allows me to guide teenagers to want to help their communities.  Love is funny word. Most people believe you can only fall in love once and that you can’t fall in someone you just met.  I used to believe that. Jeremy was my first love and we had known each other for a year or two.  Now that’s changed. Months ago when I was torn apart … I met this guy who is twice my age. Hes sweet we’ve been friends for a couple weeks. We hung out this weekend .. I told him I liked him friday.  He kissed me on saturday and I kissed back. His age doesn’t bother me. His past doesn’t bother me. His busy schdule. I like him but I spend way to much time letting my anxiety get ahold of me and it makes me second myself and I find myself keeping me from from being happy because of others…   Im done with that … its time to live.

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