Your story isn’t over

The times I wish a wish to be who I a year ago. There are days when I want to be that person that I was always doing for the ones that I love so much. My life would be different direction. I’m sorry that most of my blog is me complaining about my life changing but the thing is that’s why I started this. It wasn’t to get famous and it wasn’t to get likes it was just walking around and for me to actually hear myself then our real feelings. Because the thing is when you’re in a situation like this one you are more inclined to say what won’t hurt somebody then what will. I feel that God has told me into this depressional steep does mind that does depress me but it also helps me to help those in need help in similar areas. I have helped more people with pain and hurt in the last 6 months then I have in my entire life then I have always helps people. It has showed me that all the times that I felt helpless and in pain and hurt and thought I’d never get over it that I can but my strength over power is my weakness. I was lost in a world full of darkness I fell asleep and I found so much more than just myself.. this this is my world and I’m going to take it then I’m going to make it whatever it can be or wherever I’m supposed to go. From here on I don’t make the same mistakes I don’t go back to situations that hurt me. I’m a creep around people’s feelings and I’m a step on eggshells but I’m going to help people. When people ask me what my goal is its not my educational goal and its not my career goal my real goal is to inspire people and to have somebody tell you they didn’t give up because it was you. My story isn’t over and neither is yours. So tell me your story tell me your thoughts I’m an open book so if you like this you can. It won’t make a difference I will.

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