Fish in the sea.

When you get yourself in a bad situation you usually want to get out right? However sometimes the case can be sticky you can be attached you could have children together or something keeping you in a bad relationship with another person. I’m here to tell you that when you leave a bad situation. You’ve left it. When it comes running back to you. Run like hell, you don’t want to put yourself in the same situation you were in a year ago. No matter the memories or the connections that you have with someone even after that amount of time things are either going to be the same as they were or they’re going to be worse. I wish that for the sake of everything that I know that me and my ex could get back together and everything could be better than it was before. Here’s why I know that’s not going to happen… he wanted me back he told me about how things were going to be so much better and then he followed with and my mother gave me permission. This is a man in his twenties. He did in fact become mentally ill and his parents took care of him. However, his parents and I never really had the chance to see eye to eye. There was a blend of way too many different personalities in that situation. I don’t want what was okay sure if I could have just the amazing parts of our relationship I take it in a heartbeat. Here’s the thing we both grew in different directions farther away from each other than we had and I just don’t see that ever working. When you read a good book and you’re really into it you don’t want it to end. That’s kind of how like we were together we were great we were happy most of the time it was something that we never wanted to end we wanted to grow up and get married. There is too much pressure and intrusions in a relationship that hurt us and that’s something I want to retry. So for all the girls who think that when their ex comes crawling back they should go back. This is happened to me on more than one occasion don’t go back they don’t change and if they weren’t the problem from the get go neither will their family you need to find someone who can be with you who can stand your family and who you can stand their family I know it’s really hard but there’s plenty of fish in the sea go find one.

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