We all wish it didn’t hurt…

I learn a little bit more about myself everyday… Although I have come to the conclusion that is isn’t normal to wake up one day and realize that your once again alone to face the world. That day that they gave me the news of the last resort was the day I knew things had to change. They waved goodbye to me that day before they left. It seemed like so much more than a wave and now I am truly in belief it was truly goodbye. a week with no word a week with all hope lost. I have fallen farther than before and I wonder the chances of ever being able to trust him or anyone again. Not everyone has luck like mine. I have all the luck in the world with little things but then big things I have the worst luck of the draw. I am starting to realize slowly that I am not alone and I have so many people around who want to just lift me up. Right now I want to pull myself away from everyone but I can’t. I am trying to stop thinking about what next week hold but you’ll have to wait to see my state of mind then. 

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