Can’t Stop It

Death is something none of us can control. Well our small community has suffered quiet a blow this week. 4 deaths by car accident in two days. On monday two teenagers were killed in a car wreck at 2 am. This was a horrible thing to happen to their families and friends yet they are catching a lot of heat. One for being 17 and out driving at 2 am and secondly because they weren’t wearing seat belts. Yes these kids made a mistake but does that mean that we should bad mouth the dead? Hell no we shouldn’t. That’s the thing they were kids. Kids do not think straightly especially around friends. I remember being 17 me and my friends would go to walmart at 2 am just for fun. No one is smart at 17  but I know that two beautiful girls gained their wings and became angels and our community is mourning the loss of them. No one deserves to lose their life at 17 but they did but they shouldnt be slain for it.

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