Who I Am!!!!

I am a daughter, a grandaughter, a cousin, a aunt, a sister, a lover, a friend, a president, a community member, a girl.  I take on many faces but one I usually fail to except is my own. I am a girl from a small hick town that probably has more livestock than it does people. I used to live a pretty complicated life when I was small my parents hated each other and I was always stuck smack dab in the middle. I lost a lot of important people in my life that was what screwed me up. I started being that person that you didn’t want to be. Getting into fights and smoking with friends to be cool. Then I became responsible to a little girl who had just lost her mother how to grow up to be a woman. That was when I changed…. I felt like I stood for something and that I was gonna make a change in someones life.  I didn’t stop there.. The only way i can compare this feeling I had was it was like I was blood thirsty for change. I joined community based groups to improve my town. Hell now I run them.  My life was ironing out. I had an abusive boyfriend for awhile then a great guy rescued me from him then a year later he asked me to marry him. Seems like the perfect ending doesn’t it?   Wish it would have stuck. Two months ago things began crash!

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