What happened????

I promise I am not one of those people who will post every five seconds but this is why I made this blog so those who I trust can read my real thoughts not the fake ones I put on facebook. So where was I ? Two months ago my life changed.,… I was packing for a huge trip with my two best friends. I knew something wasn’t right he wasn’t acting right. I wish I  had seen it coming but he hid it. It was definatley unexplainable. Just days before I left on my trip he began to act like he couldn’t be without me right beside him at all times. I knew it was weird but I didn’t know what to do he sad he was okay. So I went on my trip two days later his sister called me to tell me that they took him to the hospital because he wouldn’t eat or sleep. I was kept on alert you could call it. I went from living with the love of my life to coming home to an empty apartment and a love who didn’t know how to talk to me. I didn’t know how to handle it. Its almost worst than losing someone to death. A close friend kept telling me it was like he was a zombie.  We all hoped it would be something that we could fix or that he’d snap out of. Trust me the worst feeling in the world is not knowing if someone is gonna heal. I moved back home with my mom and dad and I sucked it up. Determined that I’d be OKAY.  Truth be told its been two months I haven’t stopped living but somedays I feel like I’ve stopped caring. Now I am kept on a need to know basis.  It’s like nothing you can imagine it’s like half of my life has stopped and the other half I have to pick up and keep going. It is not easy,  So for now I still have no idea how to handle it but I’ll keep you updated.

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